Jun. 9th, 2016

charlie_cochrane: (jury of one)
"This is a delightful series and Jonty and Orlando are appealing protagonists. A very enjoyable read."

The whole thing's here and that's me grinning like a grinny thing.
charlie_cochrane: (jury of one)
Was today - about Character Education in church schools. It was a good day (you couldn't move for bishops at lunch) but the thing that made me smile was the short welcome speech from one of the professors at the Christian University (one of only eleven in the country) where the event was held. She talked about the institution's values, amongst which was inclusion, "which is shown by supporting gay pride". I'm sure I heard a jaw or two hit the floor but I was grinning.

She also had another great line about "modelling a religious space as open, wide and quizzical as the empty tomb". That's a keeper.

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