Jan. 5th, 2017

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Our next gig is at Portsmouth Book Fest; tickets on sale 9th January.

Saturday 18th February



Third Floor, Portsmouth Central Library

Nemesis with Knitting Needles

Crime and mystery writers The Deadly Dames talk about female detectives past and present.

Join Dames Charlie Cochrane, Joan Moules, Eileen Robertson, Nicola Slade and Carol Westron and their guest chevalier L. C. Tyler (author of the popular Ethelred and Elsie comedy crime series) as they explore some of the serious issues involved in being a lady detective. These range from the problem of how to get through trapdoors while wearing a crinoline, to whether modern day CID officers would raise their success rate if they took up knitting. Come and enjoy an afternoon of wide-ranging information and discussion cunningly disguised as humour, covering the creations of both male and female authors, as we explore whether the female of the detective species is really deadlier than the male.


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