Jan. 7th, 2017

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Happy New Year. May 2017 bring you all you wish for – at least those things you wish for which won’t get you into trouble!


The Christmas present from me and Elin (the daft Cambridge Fellows/Eleventh Hour crossover, Spies, planes and automobiles) is now available for general download at my free fiction page and at Elin’s blog. If you fancy a car chase or two, an encounter with an AA man, and a hilarious and bloodthirsty youth (Elin’s invention) hie thee hence. 

Other news:

Smashing review of Lessons in Love audio book  at Rainbow Gold Reviews.

Mysteries and British charm just seem to fit together perfectly. It was a light-hearted and engaging read! I had a great time with this story and can strongly recommend it!

Read more of the review here.

Deadly Dames will be at Portsmouth Book Fest trying to sound intelligent and amusing on the subject of 'Nemesis with knitting needles'. Saturday 18th February, tickets available from Monday January 9th. Do come and insult—sorry, consult—us.

And finally, spring—and these sorts of flowers—can only just be round the corner, can’t it?





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