Jan. 29th, 2017

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Quite uninvited but very welcome (less so in the summer when they eat my plants!)

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I chose this one for today by the simple process of searching my stories for the word 'discrimination' which seems right for the moment. Horns and Haloes was among the search results.

“Direct or indirect discrimination related to protected characteristics is illegal at any stage of the recruitment process.”
“Protected characteristics.” Score one for the buzzword list. Jamie tried to keep a straight face, but it wasn’t easy.
“A candidate’s gender or sexual orientation is less important than the impact they’ll have on standards in your school.”
“Sexual orientation” and “impact on standards.” Two more phrases for Jamie to mark off his hypothetical card. If he got a full house, would he be allowed to shout “bingo”?
He took what he hoped was a casual glance around the room, to see if anyone else looked like they were feeling a bit cynical, but most of the other course delegates appeared gravely interested, as though showing any degree of ennui was itself discriminatory. There the odd one or two who clearly disapproved of anything smacking of political correctness—you could spot them a mile off—but Jamie wasn’t in the mood for fighting them, even if he’d needed to. The woman leading the training had already administered more than one metaphorical slap to the wrist, so the dinosaurs would soon keep their heads down, with any luck.


You can read more excerpts via the Rainbow snippets group.

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