Feb. 5th, 2017

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Jury of One is up for Best Contemporary 2016 at Love Romances Café. (The voting begins at 12 pm est (USA) on Tuesday February 7th at the LR Café Yahoo Group and runs to midnight February 14th.)

“You need a proper meal, some footie on the telly, and an early night. You’ll be back to your usual self in the morning.” Adam pulled his partner into an embrace, rubbing his head against the side of Robin’s neck. “Go and have a proper soak in the bath while I get the rest of that casserole out of the freezer. Beef. You need it to build you up.”
“Sounds like heaven.” Robin gave him a smacking kiss. “Talking of which, when you say ‘early night’, do you have any plans for it apart from sleeping?”
“Wait and see. Maybe if you smelled less like a wrestler’s jockstrap, you’d be in with a chance.”
“Bloody hell, I’d better get in that bath, then.” Robin stifled a yawn. “You should come and bang on the door every five minutes. I could sleep for a week.”
“Take Campbell in the bathroom with you. Newfoundlands are supposed to be ideal for water rescues.”


More excerpts at the excellent Rainbow snippets group.

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