Feb. 11th, 2017

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Bold Strokes have a cracking little pre-Valentine's day sale. Ends minute tonight (EST) so if you fancy 10% off Don't Kiss the Vicar or Awfully Glad then nip over there quick.

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Appropriate to the day, remembering some of the great rugby internationals who died in the Great War (the ones I haven't yet mentioned at length).

What about Dave Gallaher? His All Black shirt is among the memorabilia at the Saracens stadium.

Or Jimmy Dingle, one of several internationals from the England team who never made it home.

And the marvellous David Bedell-Sivright who once held up the traffic in Edinburgh by laying down on the tram tracks - nobody dared to shift him.

Check out some of the other heroes of battle, whether it be fifteen man a side or millions.


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