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Such a sad thing to see, the demise of another press, especially one to which I owe so much. I'll never regret being with them. Have already started the hunt for a new home for the first 8 Cambridge Fellows books, which were all I had at Samhain.

The point of this post, though, is to say that if you need to get any of books 1 to 8 in print or e-book then you've only got 18 days to do so. Some good bargains to be had at the site, too!

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Much of what Jonty and Orlando did during their time in Room 40 is still covered by the Official Secrets Act, and they won't confess the details to me. However, I've been doing some research of my own, in a book called "Code Breakers".

MI1b was a parallel organisation, who guarded their own secrecy by employing a decoy to meet any unwanted visitors who'd got past their doorman, said decoy giving "the impression of a typical British idiot."

I bet the bods at Room 40 did the same and I bet Jonty was on the rota for the role.

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Here's a smidge from the mad crossover I did with Elin Gregory (my Cambridge Fellows, her Eleventh Hour spies). You can download the whole story here.

Miles had managed to force his eyes open; there were worse sights to greet a man than Jonty Stewart, even though he must be into his fifties by now. Classically handsome face, high cheekbones, a scar that added rather than detracted from the whole effect. Miles couldn’t deny that he’d fancied his tutor during his years at Cambridge and just hoped he hadn’t made too much of an exhibition of himself at the time. Although wasn’t he making an exhibition of himself now?

“Hello,” he managed. “I don’t think anything’s broken.”

“Only most of the front of your car.” Stewart, grinning, drew out a handkerchief then applied it to Miles’s nose. “And your cover, Miles. Although not as badly as it might have been had I let the farmer perform first aid.”

“Oh.” He morphed Millie’s voice into his own; a more nasal version than normal, although he didn’t think his nose was actually broken. “Is it so obvious?”

“Only to somebody who admired your Rosalind.”

More corking little excerpts at the Rainbow Snippets group

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Oh aar and avast me hearties. It be the day the whole world do speak as we pirates do, and Saucy Ms Cochrane - the scourge of the River Test - has been pillaging an old story or two, rigging it up jury-mast wise into summat new in honour of the day. Here it be:

"It was a dark and stormy night. Admiral Coppersmith walked his deck with calm authority, reassuring his men and instilling a confidence that had waned in them as the clouds lowered. Suddenly—”

“Suddenly the pirates came. I know. They always do.” Orlando sounded distinctly displeased at the thought. “As a story, this lacks originality.”
“But you like it.” Jonty sighed in exasperation. “It’s always amused you. Especially when we get to the bit where Admiral Coppersmith falls upon the pirates, kills several with his bare hands, saves the life of his handsome flag lieutenant—that’s me, in case you’ve forgotten—then takes the pirate ship in to Valparaiso as a prize.”
“Yes, I do enjoy that part.”
“Then there’s the episode where you get made Lord Coppersmith for your services to keeping the seas free of pirate scum. That always makes you happy.”
“It does.” Still Orlando sounded grumpy.
“And what about the bit where the Admiral and his incredibly handsome flag lieutenant get to spend some well earned leave together? Don’t you get excited when they finally hmphphm?” Jonty prised his lover’s hand from over his mouth. “Don’t we like to hear that part anymore?”
“Of course I do. It’s just that...”
“My feet are freezing. I can’t concentrate on anything, they’re so cold.”
“Oh, that’s what it is.” Jonty chuckled. “I thought somebody had left a block of ice in the bed. Put them on mine.”
“I tried that, when you were reading your book by the lamp’s light. It didn’t help. That book must be good, though, because you didn’t notice.”
“I did, actually, but I hoped they’d go away. Which they did.” Jonty fumbled under the covers. “Your hands are perishing, too. What have you been up to?”
“Sitting in the study, planning how to torture the dunderheads. I hadn’t realised how low the fire had burned. While you idled your time away on reading by the parlour hearth.” Orlando’s voice, grumpier by the minute, had descended into a hiss.
“I did not idle my time away. I had to prepare something for Dr. Peters, and if he sees fit to trust me with the most delicate of tasks, one that require diplomacy and a light touch, then who am I to argue?” Jonty rubbed his lover’s hands then made an investigation of other parts. “This remarkably prominent object is cold, as well.”
“Leave my nose alone! I wish I could warm that on you, too.”
“Feel free. I do admire your proboscis. In fact, all your extremities are worthy of praise. Especially this one.”
“Oh. Oh.” Orlando’s voice descended through several tones.
This one isn’t cold. In fact I’d say it was positively glowing with warmth. Blooming. Flourishing. Throb—hmphphm.”
When Orlando broke from the kiss he’d used to shut Jonty up, he murmured, “Do be quiet. Or none of my extremities will be making contact with any of yours.”
“That would be the best way of warming you, certainly. Friction. I seem to remember being taught about it somewhere. ‘The resistance encountered by an object moving relative to another object with which it is in contact.’ Doesn’t sound as good as it feels.” Jonty proved his words with an appropriate scientific demonstration.
“Oh yes. Quite right.” Orlando’s voice was now hoarse to the point of breaking. “And I’ll add some learning of my own. ‘Cold hands, warm heart’. That’s what my godmother used to say.”
“She was right. Your heart is warmer than any other part of you. And only I get to experience it.”
Jonty sighed happily, then let friction to get to work.
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Back in the day I used to dabble a bit in fanfic (age of sail). Sometimes I come across an old piece and think, "Did I write that? It's quite good!" Sometimes I then think, "I could upcycle that bit." So, here's a little something, reused for Jonty and Orlando, and with apologies to Janet and John.

Jonty and Orlando are dons at a Cambridge college.

Can you say aegrotat? Jonty can, except when he’s been on the sauce.

Jonty and Orlando work at a college called St Bride’s.

Jonty teaches English. Do you know what "annoying, mischievous, little bugger" means? Orlando does. Poor Orlando.

Jonty and Orlando are chums. They share things.

They sometimes share a pot of tea. They sometimes share a bed. Have you heard of two years hard labour?

Today, Jonty and Orlando are going to the Turkish baths.

Jonty likes Turkish baths. See him skip down the road, his upturned apple cheeks basking in the sunshine. See Orlando roll his eyes. Orlando is a drama queen.

Here are the baths. Look at the ornamental tiles. See the bright colours. Look at the gentlemen trying to pretend they’re not there.

Jonty sees a massage couch. He likes massages. He sees all the lovely masseurs. Can you say adhesive capsulitis? Jonty can’t, not even when he’s sober.

Orlando says, “Let’s take a steam bath.”

See Jonty frown. Jonty doesn’t like steam baths. Do you think Jonty is a big jessy? Jonty says, “Can’t we have a massage instead?”

“No,” says Orlando. “I want both of us to have a steam bath today.”

Jonty picks up a loofah. You don’t use those in steam baths. Silly Jonty.

See Jonty insert the loofah somewhere. See Orlando’s eyes water. Have you heard of the last straw? Jonty has. So has Orlando.

Run, Jonty, run.
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Orlando is, of course, horrified.
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"This is a delightful series and Jonty and Orlando are appealing protagonists. A very enjoyable read."

The whole thing's here and that's me grinning like a grinny thing.
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As I was poking about preparing the Macaronis post, I found something of mine from 3 years ago. I got quite choked up.

Here’s the old warhorse herself, Mrs. Stewart, in surprisingly mellow mood, expressing her Mothering Sunday wishes for her son, Jonty.

To Jonty, aged 4

I wish you joy, my golden child, laughter and happiness and length of days.
I wish you sunshine, in skies as blue as your eyes. Snow to play in, wind to fly kites, mud and grass and cold salt sea.
I wish you someone at your side to share them all.

To Jonty, aged 14

I wish you strength to fight whatever ails you, my boy who once laughed so readily.
I wish you courage to share it; with someone, if not with us.
I wish you the return of your smile.

To Jonty, aged 24

I wish you a sense of direction, my lad, a new beginning.
I wish you a companion to share the journey, a hand at your elbow and a smile at your side.
I wish you someone for whom you are the whole world, but who’d never make you aware of the fact.

To Jonty, aged 34

What do I have left to wish you?
I wish you health and length of days, of course, a warm hearth and a table set with food.
But you have all that any man could desire, in the person who sits in the chair beside yours.
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Once upon a time there was a multi-author project called Lords of Aether, which sadly faded away. My contribution was an irascible porter called Beare and his lady love, Poll. I always felt they were two of my funniest creations (and a great vehicle for using old jokes) so I have reused them and their material, in a memoir of "the college next door", arch enemy of St. Bride's.

You can find it on my free fiction page.
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Today only, 40% off e-books at Samhain. Why not grab some Cambridge Fellows, if you'll excuse the expression?

And if the sheer thought of "Rope" starring Alan Rickman gets you all of a flutter, then catch it on the BBC radio iplayer.
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Am thrilled skinny that Lessons for Survivors was runner up to worthy winners.

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As best m/m book at Love Romances Cafe or indeed as best historical at the same place, Charlie would be extremely grateful.

You have until February 20th. xxx
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wordle 2

And I'm giggling because 'wordle' makes me think of Rambling Syd Rumpo.
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Lessons for Survivors up for two awards, which is dead exciting.

Don't forget that if you want a nice free read suitable for this weekend, then Valentine's Delights may be right up your street. Jonty and Orlando poke their noses in there too!
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Available now for free download from All Romance ebooks.

“Are we having sherry in the Senior Common Room before hall, Orlando?” Jonty Stewart peered over their breakfast table, waiting for a reply which didn’t come. “I’ll wear nothing but an academic gown although I’ll remember to keep my legs crossed.”
“I beg your pardon?” Orlando Coppersmith, who’d clearly not been listening, looked up from contemplation of a pile of academic papers, doubtless full of desperate stuff like binomial theorem.

What happened next? Read the story to find out!

And don't forget I've got two competitions for Cambridge Fellows stuff running all month. Rafflecopter for download of Lessons in Love audio book and print version of Lessons in Desire plus audio download code for Lessons in Love at Goodreads.
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Not only are the Cambridge Fellows books at Samhain on special offer at present, there's also a 10% off sale at BSB for their romances, if you use the special coupon code LOVE16.

And Lessons for Survivors got nominated for both Best m/m and Best Historical at Love Romances Café!

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