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This is the picture from UK Meet that maybe should have remained hidden. We were either singing "I am what I am" or "I know him so well" at the time.

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With thanks to Temple Dragon who seems to have captured our personalities beautifully.


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Where a blast was had all round. Am cream crackered, of course, but it was worth it when I hear the positive statements from attendees.

I met Her Majesty:


And I embarrassed myself greatly front of house:


But my favourite bit was the pre-dinner choir.

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...of the laundry room at Cochrane Towers.


Brit goodies for the main Albert Kennedy Trust raffle prize now decanted into their proper bag.

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And if you want to know what the fairy cakes that's supposed to be about, you'll need to visit my spotlight post at the UK Meet blog.
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Lovely shout out for the UK Meet team on the Europride con site.

We've seen UK Meet grow from a dozen authors in a room for half a day in 2010 to a sold out weekend conference event, with waiting list, in Bristol later this year (with gala dinner, entertainment, etc). And we're delighted to see other events popping up both in Europe and down in Aus (I know [ profile] clarelondon has shared her wisdom with the AQRM team. More events, in more places, means more people can benefit from the good times.
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Great article by Liam Livings about why it's such a good experience to attend author/reader events. And he poses the very pertinent question as to why more men don't pitch up, when there are plenty of male authors and readers out there!

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