May. 10th, 2017

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I had a couple of prompts which couldn’t be accommodated in 5 sentences as they were too long, but nil desperandum! Here’s the next offering:

Jonty was perplexed. Here was a trail of clues that led nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Now where was that logical dunderhead when he needed him most?
“Orlando, do you have a rational dunderhead I could borrow? I know they’re rarer than hen’s teeth.”
“Rarer than dinosaurs’ dinner jackets. What do you want one for?”
“Got a puzzle I want somebody to look at. A pair of outside eyes with no prior knowledge of the subject, so that counts you out, oh heart of my heart.” Jonty sniggered.
“A mathematical puzzle?”
“No. Nothing so dull. Have you got said student?”
“I may know someone. Shan’t say who until I know what it’s about.”
“The lovely boy in the sonnets. I’ve a handful of suspects and a handful of hints to point towards each of them. I’d like a non-literary mind to offer an insight.”
“Hm. There’s a lad down at Kings. Logical mind, but not on the usual straight lines. And might have some, um, particular insight to offer in this case.”
“Aha. Sounds just the chap. Does this prodigy have a name?”
“Of course. And odd sounding one. Turing.”
Jonty chortled. “No odder than Coppersmith. I wonder if he’ll remind me of you?”

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