Jun. 6th, 2017

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Have been fondly reminiscing about the 'Porthkennack' area of Cornwall, over at Love Byte Reviews. Do drop in there and share the magic.
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Delighted with the review at The Novel Approach: "there’s a lot to like about this installment in the Porthkennack series, thanks to Charlie Cochrane’s proficiency at telling a solid story with likeable characters, and setting the stage with plenty of local flavour."

I'm not very good at coming up with book titles, but 'Broke Deep; broke the mould. I'm revealing the inspiration behind the name over at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words.

Comment at any of the blog tour stops to go into the hat for the goodie bag prize.
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Making my first ever stop at Dog-eared daydreams and I'm talking about the perils (and joys) of public speaking and public panel moderating.

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