Jul. 21st, 2017

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A real milestone for the Cochranes this week when our youngest girl graduated from University. I have to confess that tears were shed among the smiles. Don’t tempus blooming fugit?


The big news is that “Lessons in Loving thy Murderous Neighbour” is now available for pre-order,  with a release date of August 14th. At present, it’s only going to be out as an e-book as it’s novella length, but here’s a question: would any of you lovely lot be interested in a print version? Please let me know, as I’m gauging interest.

I keep being asked when the first eight Cambridge Fellows books will be available again, but at present I don’t have a definite date. Books 9 through 12 are still out, from Riptide, (you can buy all four at a discount) and book one is in audio version. And don’t forget there is a pile of free Jonty & Orlando stories (among others) at my website.

If you’re in the Sussex area, and you fancy coming and annoying me, I’ll be at the Meet the Authors event on the afternoon of August 9th, at the Selsey Centre. The Deadly Dames will also be appearing at a U3A event in Selsey later in the year. No comments about how that’s the right age range for us! We’re also putting our Damely feelers out for appearances in 2018. More news when we have it.

And finally, en route to the graduation, we stopped in Sidmouth. Stunning flowers!


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