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Do any of you have a bucket list? Or, as we call it, a “non-bucket bucket list” as we’re not intending popping our clogs just yet. We simply decided that with one of us having reached the big six zero, and with me rapidly approaching it, the time had come to jot down what we want to do and get about doing it. Being us, though, it’s not things like “walk the great wall of China” more, “attend a Nigel Owens charity event”. Got that one booked already… 


Everyone loves a giveaway, (at least, I hope they do) and today I come bearing one.

The “Lessons in Loving thy Murderous Neighbour” blog tour will be happening next week and to celebrate it, I’ll be giving away a copy of Lessons in Love audio version. You can comment at any of the blog stops, which are listed here – if you comment at more than one stop, you get more than one entry in the virtual hat.

Have you noticed my new banner, at the top of  my Facebook page, and reproduced here? Am very chuffed with it - love all those sepia tones.

banner v3

Today I delivered a free story (Shell Shocked) to my newsletter peeps, a shifter story with a difference. If you want exclusive stories, before they appear on my website, make sure you sign up to the newsletter. 

Excerpt from Shell Shocked:

The lights, the recording equipment, the lairy looking rozzer.
I’ve never experienced anything like this before, never been in trouble with the police. Honest Billy, that’s me, always kept my nose clean; I even declare every one of my tips on my tax form. So, what’s Mrs. Zanderson’s best boy doing being formally interviewed under caution?
Doing his best to explain just how he’d got into this mess in the first place, only I can’t tell them the whole truth, for reasons that will become apparent.
“How and when did you meet Jonny Telfer?”
“A couple of months ago, in a bar. The Happy Return.”
“Had you gone there to pick up a fare?”
“No. It was pleasure, not business.” And what a pleasure it had turned out to be, at least at first...



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