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Am delighted to be at My Fiction Nook today, where I'm discussing the link between Chicago and Twelfth Night (there is more than one) and why Shakespeare's Antonios intrigue me.
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Am being interviewed over at Elin Gregory's blog today. She asks a good question, that girl, and she's also included a rather cheeky (literally) picture of Shane Williams in amongst the text.

Do drop in and see!
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In The Spotlight is out today, so I'm guest author at Diverse Reader, answering some excellent questions from Meredith. So drop in and find out what first sparked my interest in mysteries, which mystery author I'd like to invite to dinner and which of my series I'd like to see adapted for television.


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And, as someone pointed out to me, I hadn't posted any blurbs or anything here. *heads desk*
In the Spotlight: Two stories by Charlie Cochrane

All That Jazz
Francis Yardley may be the high kicking star of an all-male version of Chicago, but bitter, and on the booze after the breakdown of a relationship, he thinks that the chance for true love has passed him by. A handsome, shy rugby player called Tommy seems to be the answer to his problems, but Tommy doesn't like the lipstick and lace. Can they find a way forward and is there still a chance for happiness "nowadays"?

If Music Be
Rick Cowley finds himself taking up am-dram once more, thinking it’ll help him get over the death of his partner. He’d never anticipated it would mean an encounter with an old flame and the sort of emotional complications the Bard would have revelled in. Still, old Will had the right word for every situation, didn’t he?


In the Spotlight available for pre-order, release date 18th March.

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