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Sunday, February 28th is Gay Day at Ethan Day's Yahoo Group.  
The following authors will be generously offering giveaways you can enter to win:
Z.A. Maxfield  is offering up winners choice of an e-book from her backlist
AKM Miles – Too Keen
Willa Okati – Tomcat JonesM. Jules Aedin – Can’t Hurry Love - 2 copies are up for grabs!!
A.J. Llewellyn - Wanted
Ethan Day – an autographed Print copy of Dreaming of You
Kate McMurray – In Hot Pursuit
Trina Lane – Taking the Chance
J.R. Patrick – Only Yours  S.J. Frost – Midnight Dalliance
Jambrea Jo Jones – Stealing My Heart
Sophia Titheniel – King of Damon’s
Charlie Cochrane – an autographed Print copy of Past Shadows
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Nice write up for Lessons in Power at Rainbow Reviews.

"Set in 1907, it has a feel of Dorothy L. Sayers meets Arthur Conan Doyle." That's me grinning for the rest of the day.

Speak Its Name reviewed Past Shadows.

"the story settles into a delightful combination of Austenesque convention—the young ladies of the parish twittering over the handsome young curate and the local squire—and unexpected surprises."

And don't read this if drinking hot liquids. I've sold a story which is a) contemporary, b) contains your actual swear words and c) is about a cross dressing star of an all male production of Chicago. And it contains a rugby player called Tommy.
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Past Shadows is available in print on Amazon.

And Lessons in Power got 5 stars at Reviews by Jessewave. "In line with the rest of the books, LiP is well-written and -plotted, liberally laced with smart humor and well-developed, three dimensional characters."
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It's available at MLR.

BTW Don't expect my Austeneque ghost story to be one of the explicit ones. *g*
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The anthology has a new name, Past Shadows and a release date of October 2009, although it might be earlier.

Here's another snippet Read more... )
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Am 'on deck' at Coffee Time Romance reader's retreat, where I've posted a snippet of my upcoming MLR story.
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All very tentative at the mo, just at contract stage.

The Shade on a Fine Day - which is the working title for an Austenesque short (about 22k words) and contains a ghost - will be going into an anthology titled (at present) Among the Living, from MLR.

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