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To sign up for my newsletter, mail me at, or catch me at Facebook or twitter. I'm one of the Deadly Dames who may be coming to a library near you. And don't forget the UK Meet newsletter sign up!

I write what's mainly a mix of history, romance and mystery - if men falling in love with other men offends you then you won't like my stories. If you want a taste of my style, try the free reads. You can find them all at my wordpress site.

Cambridge Fellows Mystery Series

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wildbells300x197 Wild Bells
 photo 7eaa6237-c24f-4f51-8a2e-728bccab5c58_zpsw4hpypgt.jpg Jury of One from Riptide.

lessonsinloveaudiofinal_120 Lessons in Love audio version.

 photo LessonsForSleepingDogs_100_zps2xjssl6n.jpgLessons for Sleeping Dogs from Riptide.

 photo 0335984b-8a83-4c07-8fb7-e8bd5d8077af_zpsmbbnhawb.jpgDon't Kiss the Vicar out now from BSB.

 photo d7eae710-60cd-4a1e-b5d0-e67d62871c88_zpsx6fxrta0.jpgLessons for Idle Tongues out now from Riptide.

 photo 6f8c8a73-7a09-40a5-800d-e7a35a287ca3_zps8qgaanjz.jpgLessons for Suspicious Minds out now from Riptide.

 photo b44c1b69-7a62-4023-a34c-848a193c8e7f_zps4f36dd4c.jpgLessons for Survivors from Riptide.

 photo 058f58c0-8fb1-4e02-8543-3c8086642055_zpsfb6aa1a0.jpg Best Corpse for the Job from Riptide.

 photo b54b6708-8db9-410c-bf26-af3fd7da970d_zps221ff6bd.jpgHome Fires Burning out now from Lethe Press.

 photo a665cc65-e2b7-418c-867b-585f9b901a5a_zpsbbe591de.jpgSand out now from MLR.

second helpings thumbnail photo SecondHelpings_thumbnail_zps8a9d82be.jpg Second Helpings out now from Riptide.

 photo 596c8dac-2a47-4acb-99e8-2c957206eef7_zps7106c51f.jpg Horns and Haloes, ebook from MLR.

 photo 5a096abf-38f0-4e63-98ec-820b27045635_zpsd5945bf8.jpg Awfully Glad, ebook from BSB.

 photo eeaa1cfc-6fdd-4bf9-8222-c30caecbd79e_zps2728c5eb.jpgSecrets, in the anthology Undeath and the Detective.


 photo c8849f99-7665-4db6-acc1-bc80d9fdb6b4_zpsc6dd1a10.jpgPromises Made Under Fire, e-book from Carina and audio from Audible.

Photobucket Tumble Turn, e-book from MLR.

Photobucket Dreams of a Hero, e-book from Carina.

Short Stories:

SauceCoverfinal small Sollicito in the anthology Lashings of Sauce

Photobucket Short read, What You Will

Short read, Wolves of the West

Photobucket Short read, Music in the Midst of Desolation

Photobucket Bloody Mathematicians in the anthology (print and e-book) Tea and Crumpet.

Photobucket Commission and Omission, in the Free anthology British Flash.

You can reach me at

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