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"I so enjoyed listening to this book! I thought Phil Mayes was note-perfect in his narration."

Read the rest at The Novel Approach.
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Am listening to the audio version of Death at The President's Lodging and have just got to the wonderfully slashy scene where Appleby (the detective) finds Gott (Oxbridge type fellow and part time crime writer) waiting for him in his room. Appleby goes into ecstasy about how wonderful Gott is "in repose, beautiful..." etc. It's not the only slashy scene in the book but it's the one where I thought, "I have to wirte a series based in Cambridge, with gay fellows!". Thus Jonty and Orlando were born.

They too are in audio now!

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Lessons in Love, the first in the Cambridge Fellows series of Edwardian m/m romantic mysteries (think Oscar Wilde meets Agatha Christie) is available for the first time in audio boo, from Audible, Amazon and rolling out soon to iTunes (if not already there).
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Courtesy of the multi-talented [ profile] alex_beecroft. (If she wasn't so nice I'd hate her!) Pretty, isn't it?

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the narrator for Lessons in Love audio book tells you how much they've enjoyed working on it and how emotional they got.

And I have to say, he makes a great job of reading it! I keep thinking, "Did I really write this? It's quite good!"
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And mighty fine they sound.

Exciting, isn't it? Well, I'm excited.

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