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I do enjoy it when a new commission from The Big Thrill drops into my inbox. The latest interview I've done, with Joyce Tremel, is up and ready to read!
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Totally appropriate for today's rainbow snippet to come from Game of Chance from the anthology Capital Crimes, because Peter James (!) has written a wonderful foreword for it, including this reference to my story. "An army deserter threatens to kill another soldier." The other soldier is Jonty Stewart, of course.

“What’s your name?” Jonty asked, when the silence became unbearable.
“What’s it to you?”
“I’d like to know who’s going to shoot me.”
The soldier grinned, revealing a set of uneven teeth. “North. Harry North. And what’s the name of the man I’m going to shoot?”
“Jonty Stewart. Doctor, Jonty Stewart, only I’m not a medical one.” He forced a smile. “What did you do before you joined up?”
“Furniture maker. Cabinets, chests of drawers and the like. Properly crafted, not shite like this.” He ran his free hand over the rough table top. “Shoddy work. It’s all shoddy stuff, in a shoddy building.”
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In the last interview I conducted for The Big Thrill, I was revelling in uncovering the hidden lives of my fellow ITW authors, finding out about their surprising skills and interests. Little did I guess that my latest interviewee would combine a passion for writing with a career as a sculptor.
Do drop in and read the rest of my grilling of him!
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Not to visit the Queen, but to attend the ITW authors' meet-up. It was, as the two previous meetings, excellent. In the train on the way there I looked through my notes from previously; ideas, action points and the like. I was pleased that I'd done quite a few of them and that they'd been - I think - successful. I have a pile of ideas/actions from yesterday.

This is one of the most useful author events I attend, not least because of learning from people whose sales/advances I can only dream of. Lovely to catch up with excellent peeps like [ profile] clarelondon, [ profile] jl_merrow, Alex Shaw, Douglas Stewart, Jo Penn, Mick Sims, etc etc.

Authors, if you're eligible to join ITW (and it's free if you are) then I'd thoroughly recommend you do so.
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Well done the England Under 20 rugby team for regaining the 6 Nations title last night. Some real stars of the future on display last night.

And don't forget you only have ten days to enter the humungous book giveaway thingy Homicides of March. 41 (count em!) books to be won.

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Anyone going into a school in the UK today will be confronted by ranks of Harry Potters, snowmen, Cinderellas, and the like, as children dress up as their fave book characters in honour of World Book Day. You'll be pleased (maybe) to hear that I'm entering into the spirit of things when I go for a meeting this afternoon:


I shall be the night sky with the Snowman flying through.

In other news, don't forget there are oodles of crime and thriller books to be won during March. Got to be in it to win it. Oh, and as of last night I have a new motto, for tackling problems. "Don't tickle it, hit it."
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Especially when there's one from me and one from J L Merrow. You've got to be in it to win it, so hie thee over there and enter. (You get extra 'goes' if you get your pals to enter, too!)

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I keep thinking Tuesday wasn't real, but it must have been, given that the minutes (taken by the wonderful J F Penn who could chair a tricky governors' meeting any day) arrived in my inbox just now. We'd been asked to take ideas to the meeting, which I had, but I only shared one of them, as I'd realised they were mostly pitched at a level far too low for the company. Will have to up my game to even tag along with these guys and gals.

Anyhoo, more proof that it happened:


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