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A unique setting and a lovely couple. More at Alpha Book Club.
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BrokeDeep_200x300Have been musing on the joys of working with other authors on the Porthkennack project. Drop in to Fangirl Moments and More to see some thoughts about how there's strength in numbers.
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Am sharing some further memories of Cornwall - but a touch more south and west this time - over at Book Reviews and More. Then you can drop by On Top Down Under and find out exactly why Broke Deep had a storyline before it ever had a location and how the Porthkennack project came along just at the right time.
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Have been fondly reminiscing about the 'Porthkennack' area of Cornwall, over at Love Byte Reviews. Do drop in there and share the magic.
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The pleasure of release day never grows old, with the same butterflies and "But will people like it?" moments.

Broke Deep hits the shelves today, and the blog tour gets on the road. Loads of stops, some of which are simply fly-by appearances, but I'll flag up the eight places where you'll get a substantial post. And every single post has the same chance for you to win, so comment at any of the stops (or at all of them to increase the chance of winning) and I'll use the random number generator to decide who gets a bag of goodies.
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It’s a long while since I wrote a full length category romance but last year I managed two, both for the Porthkennack project, the first of which – Broke Deep –  is up for pre-order now (and with some great early bird price offers). It’s a story that arose from two things; shipwrecks off Jersey (although the story isn’t set there) and the remarkable timbers at Chesapeake Mill. Can’t wait to be able to share the cover art with you!

2016 wasn’t overly productive, for various reasons, but 2017 has so far been a good year so far for writing:
• one short finished and subbed to an anthology
• one novel done and ready to go
• a new Cambridge Fellows short about 70% through first draft stage (and 40% second drafted)
• AND an old story being rechecked and reworked (contemporaneous references being updated) to be self-published in the spring.

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