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In more ways than one. My post over at Carrying the Torch today!
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I had to nab today at the torch relay, so I could share some of the lesser known parts of that beloved city.
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Been carrying the torch a wee bit today. Come and see my random thoughts on place names and how inspiring war cemeteries are.
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I've been a fan of Mornington Crescent (the game) since Noah was a boy, so I can churn out tenuous connections with the best of them. Hence the link between E M Forster and today's leg of the Torch relay. Come and find out about some of the great man's naughtier offerings.
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The torch goes from Stornoway to Aberdeen today so I've been blethering at the torch relay about our some of the diverse things which make us British and how we celebrate them in stories.
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I had no idea it would take me so long to get back into the swing after jury service but I think I now have some of my grey cells back. Maybe.

Wall to wall rugby yesterday, which was great, and cricket (weather permitting) to look forward to today. And maybe a church flower festival. Ah, what a glam life.

Don't forget to keep following that torch. Some really cracking posts the last few days (although a worrying lack of kilts).
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List is here. Grab one before they all go! (Nobody fancy Scotland or have the midges put you off?)
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I nabbed today's post at the Torch Relay because of the links with a favourite song. It got me thinking about how exotic foreign place names sound.
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If you want to see how seamlessly (LOL) I've connected the jubilee up with British gay fiction, drop by at The Torch Relay. Do check out some of the other brilliant posts while you're there.
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We carry the torch is running along nicely, mimicking the actual red button/online torch coverage by having the occasional temporary loss of signal!

The next ten days are covered by:
11. Clare London
12. Sandra Lindsey
13. Stevie Carroll
14. Sandra Lindsey
15. Elin Gregory
16. PD Singer
17. Gerry Burnie
18. Available
19. Tea and Crumpet
20. Available

Yes, there are still about a dozen spots available overall, although we have some fillers lined up for those. However, if you want to nab a spot, please let me know!
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Our Olympic Torch Relay linked celebration of the British Isles and its GLBTQ fiction links carries on apace, through surprisngly sunny Wales. Today is one of my legs, and I've been talking about the links between Wales and the British Flash free anthology. Come and see what I've been writing (and have a look at the previous days, all of which feature great posts and stunning pictures!)
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With Syd McGinley taking the Ben Ainslie role and leading the first stage, up through Cornwall. On subsequent days, as the torch wends its way along the West Country and into Wales, we have:

Day Author
2. Clare London
3. Anne Brooke
4. Jo Myles
5. Chris Quinton
6. Bruin Fisher
7. K C Warwick
8. Elin Gregory
9. A celebration of British Flash
10. Becky Black

Gonna be great. (Such a great crowd of hooligans!) Posts will appear here.
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Thanks to Erastes, there's a dedicated site for the torch relay posts, that'll be there in perpetuity. Posting access e-mails are rolling out gradually for those taking part. Very much a work in progress at the moment as this has gone from "idea over lunch" to something dead exciting within a few days.

And, as as if that wasn't thrilling enough, we've got an event going on as part of The Romance Studio and Coffee Time Romance's joint anniversary celebrations.

When: May 12th-14th
Where: Charlie's coffee Corner
What: A celebration - in advance - of UK meet, with attendees dropping in, postings excerpts, offering goodies, etc. More news nearer the time.

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This is very draft and will undoubtedly change much so only take a gander if you're an author interested in filling up some of the empty slots or checking the ones you've been allocated.
Read more... )

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