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They never get old. Megan's been sharing her thoughts.. Very perceptive girl about who booked the choir and who booked the butlers! If you want to see us in all our gory, sorry glory, you can do worse than look here.
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I know this risks being a bit of a lovefest, but it's great to hear the positive comments about UK Meet. Best of all I like to read that we've made the event welcoming and inclusive. No amount of bacon butties can make up if that atmosphere isn't present.

Hard on the heels of the above, I've been contacted by two people who gained their first publishing contracts from pitches they did at this year's meet. Am still grinning in delight for them.
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It's rare we organisers blow our own trumpets (we're British!) but I have to say we work bloody hard to make that event work. We don't want praise *sings* "we don't want pity". But when we read posts like this one from the lovely T J Masters. it makes our day.

"The whole weekend was well organised and full of awesome content. There was a lot of fun to be had and plenty of networking opportunities too. All this and yet it was organised and managed by a small team of hard working fellow authors. I have been to professionally run business conventions where valuable lessons could have been learned from the amazing UK Meet team."

Happy sighs.
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Lovely write up from Susan Lee. This bit made me well up as it's exactly what our ethos is:

I think what the UK Meet manages to do is really generate an environment of comfort and inclusiveness. Introverts and extroverts, authors and readers, Brits and non-Brits alike all gather and pretty much all differences are left at the door. For meals, for coffee breaks, for panels, for events, everyone does it all together. And there’s something really cool about that “shared experience".
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Anybody mentioning rugby in general or S_r_c_ns in particular will be getting a stern talking to. Suffice to say have wrung out my hankie and am looking forward to *UK Meet this weekend in Bristol. Got my hugging muscles ready for action.


I’ve got two releases lined up for late July, just after I get back from being a pirate – sorry, going to the Litfest – in Penzance. Second Helpings, of which you can read an extended excerpt here and Sand, from MLR.

Sand was in the anthology Last Gasp from the new defunct (and not much lamented) Noble Romance and has been titivated for release as a standalone story.

Here’s a snippet:

I sat and tried to eat, even though my appetite had gone, watching the life of the camp go on around me.
A local lad passing by with a bundle of wood had that look of intense concentration only seen on the young, absorbed in their task. He suddenly gave a shrill, terrified cry, dropping his burden and flinging something from him, something small and dark that landed near my leg. I remember coolly thinking that whatever had been thrown had been affronted at both its unexpected flight and the hard contact with flesh.
It was a scorpion, and it rapidly took its brief revenge.
Strange how time expands at a time of crisis. I also remember thinking how Mother Nature must have known how I felt about her beasts of burden and had become determined to take her vengeance on me, proving she really was red in tooth and claw. Or rather in sting and telson. I must have cried out in pain, because everyone’s attention was on me in an instant, including the attention I most craved.
“What’s happening?” Andrew had appeared almost out of nowhere, pushing his way through the small knot of onlookers which had gathered around me.
“The boy had this in his load.” One of the conservators pointed at the small, possibly deadly creature, now smashed into an almost unidentifiable heap. The curve of the tail was still recognisable, although everything was beginning to look peculiar.
“Sorry about this, Charles,” Andrew drew his knife and efficiently cut out a piece of my flesh, clearing all the area surrounding the bite. I hardly noticed the pain, too shocked to understand fully what was going on. Nothing felt real any more. “Think it’s a scorpion sting, old man. Needed to attend to the wound as soon as I could.” His usually happy face was clouded with worry.
Some part of me couldn’t help being delighted that he cared, just as another part of me thought, Poison. This is serious.
The knife had done its work when the wave of real pain hit. I felt faint, all perception of what was happening around me fading and returning as in a dream. I was vaguely aware they’d called for the resident doctor and that someone was preparing a makeshift stretcher, to take me back to the camp. The one thing I saw most clearly was Andrew’s face—full of fear and trying very hard to hide the fact.
Just how bad was this bloody sting going to turn out to be?


Because in the summer one’s thoughts turn to other sports. Sometimes.


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Box full of 150 items (I hope I haven't miscounted!). Soaps, magnetic bookmarks, sweeties, pens, notepads. A real lucky (unlucky?) dip.


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The team are dropping into Love Romances Café today, so please come and annoy us. Registered delegates are welcome to post excerpts!
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If you do, I hope you're following the story at the UK Meet blog. Five instalments of six now posted and I think the latest, from [ profile] elin_gregory might be my favourite.
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And very funny it is, thanks to [ profile] clarelondon. What are you waiting for? Hie thee hence and read it!
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I'm running with the baton this week. Part 1 was here and part 2 follows on from it and can be found behind this here cut:
Read more... )
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The first instalment of a blog story the five Spice Girls organisers of UK Meet are writing together is up at the UK Meet blog. Liam's set me up with a real cliffhanger for my turn next week.

And here's my beautiful nominees' button!

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Plenty of good reasons (and some silly ones) to be found here.

New time for live twitter chat on reading family today: 19.30 GMT – 20.30 GMT. See you at #ukmeet14
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They all come along at once. Horns and Haloes features a pair of red hot school governors. The sort I never seem to get on my courses...

Love these banners/icons for UK Meet c/o Clare London and Lou Harper. Don't forget that the early bird discount offer ends at the end of January.

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(If you'll excuse the expression.) UK Meet will be in Bristol, near the waterfront. We dropped in there today and I have to say it's spectacular. Looking its winter best, of course, with the ice rink and lights, etc, but I'm sure it's great in early summer, too. Is it June yet?
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We'll be having two twitter chats (whatever they be) in January. One on the 10th, 16.30-17.30 GMT, about our writing families, and on the 15th (same time) about our reading family. More news about these in the new year!
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Sign up for UK Meet, I mean. Our Liam (Baby Organiser) has put together a great list of reasons why Bristol will be the place to be come next June.
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And if today wasn't exciting enough, we're now taking bookings for UK Meet 2014!

As last year, we'll have two levels of ticket, General and Spotlight. They'll be on sale until mid May, or until we reach capacity, whichever comes first. A discounted Early Bird deal will be available until the end of January.

General ticket includes:
1) Access to all daytime activities - panels, workshops, etc.
2) Not just your lunch, but more tea, coffee and nibbles than you can shake a fist at.
3) Your event souvenirs, including the ever popular tote bags and USB sticks.

Spotlight ticket (which will be open not just to authors, but to other delegates who have wares to sell, such as cover artists) includes everything that the general ticket does, plus:

1)Table at the book fair, for you to sell/sign books or other goods.
2) Opportunity to put giveaways in the delegate tote bags.
3)Opportunity to put content onto out giveaway USB sticks.
4) Spotlight feature on our website.

See you there!
From the UK Meet team - Charlie, Clare, Jamie, Jo and Liam
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Have posted a little blog over at FAB about making subtle historical references in your stories. Do drop by and share your thoughts.

The answer to that book meme: "And so the Dean went round the table" was from Death at the President's Lodging, by Michael Innes.

Had a great day yesterday with the UK Meet planning team. The first people to know about booking arrangements for 2014 will be peeps on the mailing list so if you're interested, sign up.

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