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This time from the lovely Alex Beecroft. Great how everyone has a different take on the weekend.

And another of those Olympix...

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Best description so far of the 'working' part of UK Meet, courtesy of Mara Ismine. Also some great pics of the swag and an account of my whistle related calamity.

Now back to the promise of posting nice piccies...there's something about that Boston blue sky, even if seen through a window.

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The organisers of UK Meet 2012 are delighted to announce that delegates will have the chance of winning one of three (count em!) Kindles, thanks to the generosity of one of our sponsors, Silver Publishing. We'll be putting one into the raffle in aid of our link charity (Albert Kennedy Trust) while the others...well, wait and see on the day.

It's not too late to book your place for September!
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Thanks to Erastes, there's a dedicated site for the torch relay posts, that'll be there in perpetuity. Posting access e-mails are rolling out gradually for those taking part. Very much a work in progress at the moment as this has gone from "idea over lunch" to something dead exciting within a few days.

And, as as if that wasn't thrilling enough, we've got an event going on as part of The Romance Studio and Coffee Time Romance's joint anniversary celebrations.

When: May 12th-14th
Where: Charlie's coffee Corner
What: A celebration - in advance - of UK meet, with attendees dropping in, postings excerpts, offering goodies, etc. More news nearer the time.

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Details for the 2012 UK Meet for all those who read, write, review or just love GLBTQ fiction have gone live. Sign up soon to get the early bookers' discount on the day delegate rate.
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Hold these dates!

September 14th - 16th 2012

will see the third annual UK Meet for readers/writers/reviewers/fans of GLBTQ fiction.

 There will be a full day of programmed events on Saturday 15th, plus social events on Friday evening and Sunday morning.

Full press release, with details of where, what and how to book, goes live Friday 24th Feb.

Call for submissions for linked anthology "Lashings of Sauce" goes live Friday 2nd March.

UK Meet team (Jo, Jamie, Clare, Alex and Charlie)

UK GLBTQ Fiction – Read it, Write it, Love it

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Following the success of Tea & Crumpet, we’ll be having another tie-in anthology for the 2012 UK Meet of those who love GLBTQ fiction. Working title is “Lashings of sauce”, with a general theme of celebrating difference – different strokes for our different folks.

It will be open to anyone attending the event, whether already published or not. So if any readers or reviewers have an inner author itching to get out, this is a time to unleash them. Some of our most popular stories from last time came from “newbies”. Inner editors will be welcome, too!

What should you do now? Get your ideas together, start crafting that story. Think if you can volunteer to edit or proof.What should you not do? Send us anything just yet! A full set of guidelines will come out in due course – that’ll be the time to press “send” on a story or an offer of help.

Feel free to repost.
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Yesterday we had the first 'proper' planning session for next year's UK Meet. Jo Myles, myself, JL Merrow and Clare London were amazingly productive and businesslike, seeing as we spent most of the time swopping stories and laughing.

All the details will emerge when 100% confirmed, but we've tried to incorporate the feedback from last year and the ideas for next, to produce an event which appeals whether you want formal panels, informal ideas sharing or just hanging out with like minds. We've gone for things which might float the boat of readers, authors, wannabee authors, reviewers or bloggers. (And most of us fit into at least two of those categories if not four!) We also came up with what we hope will be innovative solutions to some of the issues raised last time or at similar events.

And yes, there will be a tie-in anthology. More news on that soon.

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