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And an excellent one, from Stevie Carroll. Me in Susan Owen costume looking a bit melodramatic, and Jamie and I looking appropriately colourful, but of course lots more!

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Lovely to see some of them in the FOR awards, both main and for new talent.
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I gave Rizzoli and Isles a try (set in Boston, should be interesting, eh?). Shouldn't have bothered. It suffered from all the C's: Cardboard Characters, every Cliche in the book, too many stretches of Credulity, Could do better.

On the other hand, I ran across a rerun of The Sweeney. TV shows don't always age well but this was the exception. Three dimensional characters, believable dialogue, good plot which didn't have to deliver the perfect happy ending, gritty but funny. THIS is how you make good TV, chaps!

Stevie Carroll has being doing some neat write ups of the Festival of Romance. Latest one is here. Some lovely pics for fans of real Regency fans!
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I love this story about the WWII carrier pigeon. I wonder what the message says?

In Charlie news, Lessons for Survivors get a 5 sweetheart review at The Romance Studio so will be up for review of the week next week.

And just to remind peeps that some of the events at Festival of Romance are starting to sell quickly. Still tickets left, although you'll need to be speedy for the Coffee and Cake.
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The Festival of Romance will be presenting awards this year to the BEST ROMANTIC FILM of the year and the BEST ROMANTIC TELEVISION PROGRAMME of the year. Please CAST YOUR VOTE now and help decide the winners on the big and small screen -- and you could WIN a pair of tickets to mix with the stars of romance at the gala Festival of Romance Awards on 16th November 2012.

Feel free to repost!
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The Festival of Romance is delighted to announce that the New Talent Award will run again this year. The industry judges are Georgina Hawtrey-Woore senior editor at Cornerstones, Random House and Diane Banks, literary agent at the Diane Banks Associates Literary Agency.

The Festival of Romance New Talent Award aims to cast a spotlight on the authors of tomorrow and is open to all writers who have not yet had a book commercially published. Writers may submit the opening chapter (up to 3,500 words) of a romantic novel of any type by 30th September 2012. Thewinner and runners-up will be announced and presented with trophies at the gala Festival of Romance Awards on Friday 16th November 2012. There is a small entry fee to cover the award administration. Entrants may also gain a critique of their entry written by a professional novelist.

“As part of the Festival of Romancewe want to help new writers with talent get their break into the commercial fiction world,” says Kate Allan, chief romantic at the Festival of Romance. “At the Festival of Romance in November we are running writing workshops, an industry conference and chance to meet publishers face to face as well as the New Talent Award. I'm delighted that Georgina Hawtrey-Woore and Diane Banks have agreed to judge this year's entries.”

Winner of the 2011 New Talent Award Henriette Gyland subsequently garnered a book deal from publishers Choc Lit. Her debut novel Up Close will be published in December2012.

For more details about how to enter the New Talent Award please see Festival of Romance.

Feel free to repost.

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