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Many authors/publishers might ask that question. What sort of books do readers want? How do they want authors to behave online? We were lucky enough at UK Meet 2013 to have a group of readers who answered those sorts of questions with candour. Their views are here.
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As produced by the peeps at the "instant write" table at the UK Meet Buffet of banter. Ideas produced in seconds - editing took weeks (only because of summer holidays!)

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One of the things we did at UK Meet was produce an instant story (or two), with the help of Mara Ismine's very useful set of questions. What time is it? Why is the time important? What does character 1 do for a living? A handful of simple things to think about which quickly took on a life of their own in the hands of Hambel, Jennysmum, HJ, Piper Vaughn and Elin Gregory. Mara jotted the storyline down and I gave it a once over. Otherwise it's straight out of their heads and onto the site. Enjoy!
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Here's me, Jo and Elin doing our humour panel at UK Meet.

charlie jo elin

Ain't we sweet?
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Well, reporters do ask some dumb questions, about the royal baby, don't they?

Also, lots of grand reports of the UK Meet appearing, several of them linked here.
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Lovely write up of UK Meet by the lovely Jenre. That's me almost hiding in the picture.

One of the things I like best about UK Meet is that we look out as well as in. The last three years we've done fundraising for Albert Kennedy Trust, raising around £800, and this year the lovely Darren Batey from AKT came along and told us what they use the money for. But there were some lovely extras for 2013: a display or children's books with LGBTQ themes, which we cooed over, and a help-yourself display of material Stonewall had sent us, including the lovely "Happy Fathers' Day" cards featuring two dads.

Now, how can we better that in 2014...?
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Hey - that would be a great line for putting in a soppy film, wouldn't it? Been talking about what writers and readers of all types can get from UK Meet over at UKlesfic.
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I wax lyrical about the history of the UK Meet and why I love the event so much, over at the UK Meet blog.
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not the Queen, but equally important peeps, the UK Meet organising team. Jo, JL, Clare, Liam and I had a really productive five hour (yes, FIVE) meeting where we put together the draft UK Meet programme, planned our marketing, got great big ideas and had to decide whether to go for them, ate Liam's muffins, and had Tapas. Bang on.
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You can sign up for the newsletter at the UK Meet website. We're at the planning stage, about to sign contracts on venues and exploring some exciting new opportunities!

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