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"I so enjoyed listening to this book! I thought Phil Mayes was note-perfect in his narration."

Read the rest at The Novel Approach.
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"This is a delightful series and Jonty and Orlando are appealing protagonists. A very enjoyable read."

The whole thing's here and that's me grinning like a grinny thing.
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As reported yesterday, I'm getting all sorts of things tarted up and sorted out this year, starting with my newsletter. Everyone on the list on June 1st will go into a draw for a copy of Lessons in Love audio version. Sign up here.

And some nice words about Jury of One, at Creative Deeds. "What more could I ask for in a sequel?"

Cool beans!
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The random number generator just chose Ree Dee as winner of the Lessons in Love audio book for the Jury of One blog tour. The code, as they say, is in the (virtual) post.

And another five star review for Jury of One, at Padme's Library. "A true gem that is well deserving of the English murder mystery genre that has left me hungry for further adventures from the apparently dangerous Lindenshaw countryside."
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I won't draw a winner for the blog tour until next week, so you still have time to comment at any stop, the list of which is here.

"I liked Robin and Adam in the first book but I loved them in this sequel, especially seeing how far their relationship has come but realizing how they're still dealing with certain issues as a couple."

See more at Bookaholics.
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Today's stop at the Jury of One blog tour sees me answering such questions as whether my characters have minds of their own. (Campbell certainly does!)
Drop in at Fangirl moments to read more. And don't forget to comment to be in with a chance of winning the audio version of Lessons in Love.

"What marvellous characters! What a hedgerow maze of a plot!" 4.5 star review at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words.
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Find out all sorts of things about me, like what I like best and least about being an author, in an interview at MM Good books reviews.

"This is a fast paced greatly entertaining book." Read the rest of the review at Night Owl reviews.
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"I really enjoyed this book, especially as Campbell shows his mettle again, and I hope the series continues. I can recommend them to anyone who loves cozy fireside mysteries with a very English feel."

Read more at Prism Book alliance.

"I love when I can just sink into a book and forget about everything else. This book was the written equivalent of a…well, a steaming hot mug of tea. A little sweet, a little dark, and a bit dangerous if you’re not careful."

Read the rest at Love Bytes.
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Four star release day review: A great murder-mystery with British flair. I loved it. Charlie Cochrane writes excellent murder-mysteries, intricate plots, lots of red herrings and something to really get your teeth into. Read more at Sinfully Sexy.

Also dropping in at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words on the blog tour.

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It'll be in the February Issue but is online now!

A writer of both mysteries and romances, Cochrane (The Best Corpse for the Job, 2014, etc.) strikes a fine balance between the two in story of professional meets personal.

Read more at the Kirkus site.
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" Recommended for fans of the Bard who want a rest from mining the subtext."

Read the rest (with a chance to win!) at Sinfully Gay Romance book reviews.

What you Will, published by MLR.
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"I enjoyed the mystery element to this book, reminiscent of British murder mysteries like Midsommer Murders."

My work is done! Read more at Booklikes.
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"When I was reading the book I felt that I was transported to that place in time. It felt authentic."

Read the rest at Love Byte Reviews.
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"Cochrane strikes a nice balance between the religious issues, the romance, and the romantic suspense elements."

Read the rest at Crystal's Many reviewers.
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"Lessons for Sleeping Dogs was an excellent mystery. I found myself captivated by every twist and turn."

Read the rest at Queercentric books
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Over at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue words.

"What a outstanding story to have Jonty and Orlando make their reappearance!"
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Heart warming story with a splash of mystery. A hint of ‘The Moving Finger’ by Agatha Christie…without the murders!

Review posted at Final Chapters Reading Group.
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Another great example of Miss Cochrane's English village storytelling.

Read the rest at Padme's Library.
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"... a very moving and stimulating read with plenty of original ideas."

read more at the site.
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Meant to post these a fortnight ago! I eventually got to see the war horse statue in all its glory, in the Memorial Park (the foundations of which were constructed from material shipped from the remount depot).



And a lovely review of Lessons for Idle Tongues at The Way She Reads.

"From the moment I started this book I couldn’t get over how charming – and I mean that in the best possible sense of the word - Lessons for Idle Tongues is."

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