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One of the things people may not expect UK Meet to have is an interdenominational act of worship. This year's theme was joy: We receive great joy from reading, writing, publishing and relating to one another over books. The UK Meet always captures the joy of books, with discussions, panels, book sales and meeting friends. We have our ups and downs as a community but at the heart of all we do is great joy.

We had left two empty chairs for latecomers, and as we said the Lord's Prayer I had a clear mental picture of Jesus being with us in one chair and a place kept for our delegates in the other.
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We had two stunning keynote speakers, Shaun Dellenty and Liam Klenk. They were both charming, articulate, passionate and wonderfully sensible. I was lucky enough to lunch (and laugh)with them both days and enjoyed every minute of our chats.

One of the themes of this year's meet, at least in the team's mind, was respect and both these speakers reflected that. Really moving speeches and a celebration of the fact we are all individuals and should neither be stereotyped nor labelled.

And here are two people who defy all labelling - myself and Liam Livings.

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If you got an e-mail last week about the UK meet date and venue, then you're on the proper list; all is well. If you didn't (and expected to) please check:
a) that you're signed up for the newsletter list (link on any page of our website)
b) that the message isn't stuck in your spam filter - if it is, please make us a 'safe sender'

Why is this important?

Because priority ticket sales will be exclusively via that newsletter list. Now, if you're thinking, "It's OK, my pal is on the list and they'll get a ticket for me," then you might need to think again. The likelihood is sales will be strictly one ticket per applicant (apart from exceptional cases) so you'll need to sign up for the list on your own behalf.

Many thanks!
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[ profile] clarelondon and I had a great time today visiting a prospective venue for next year's UK Meet. We left no disabled toilet door unopened, no room unmeasured, no bathroom uninspected. And we got very excited about the coloured lights.

More news when we have it.
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UK meet is getting so big we have to use our big newsletter mailing list as the only fair and efficient way to get messages out to everyone. You will need to be on the big mailing list to get priority booking for 2016. Sign up here if you need to!

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