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Unless I have made the most humongous muck up, I've got a print edition of Lessons in Loving they Murderous Neighbour! Only on Amazon at present, but that may change in the future.
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At All romance ebooks, and it's rolling out on both Amazon UK and Amazon. It'll be simultaneous (just about) release, e-book and print.
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All Lessons Learned, the eighth Cambridge Fellows Mystery, is now out in print from Samhain, Amazon, Amazon UK and all the usual places.

When you read the blurb and excerpt, please trust me; there will be a happy ending.

The Great War is over. Freed from a prisoner of war camp and back at St. Bride’s College, Orlando Coppersmith is discovering what those years have cost. All he holds dear—including his beloved Jonty Stewart, lost in combat.

A commission to investigate a young officer’s disappearance gives Orlando new direction…temporarily. The deceptively simple case becomes a maze of conflicting stories—is Daniel McNeil a deserter, or a hero?—taking Orlando into the world of the shell-shocked and broken. And his sense of Jonty’s absence becomes painfully acute. Especially when a brief spark of attraction for a Cambridge historian, instead of offering comfort, triggers overwhelming guilt.

As he hovers on the brink of despair, a chance encounter on the French seafront at Cabourg brings new hope and unexpected joy. But the crushing aftereffects of war could destroy his second chance, leaving him more lost and alone than ever…


The memorial garden, Jonty’s particular section, never saw another person’s touch, only Orlando’s. Not a weed appeared but it was hoed out—stones were picked up and discarded, slugs discouraged, cats positively shooed away. The blooms would be tended with infinite care as if they represented the body of his lover; white lilies for the tender skin, red roses for the blood that had been spilled in his country’s name. Jonty would have been so very proud.
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I'm sorry if I ever bore you with how much I love the Romantic Novelists' Association, but the non nonsense way they treat gay and het romance authors alike is refreshing. So here's Lessons in Trust listed just the same as the month's other new releases. And there's a JL Merrow short story listed, too!

In another mad moment I joined the International Thriller Writers' Inc; another bunch (nestful?) of good eggs. If you're into crime fictiuon, do check their Neverending book giveaway for chances to win.
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Lessons in Trust, the seventh Cambridge Fellows Mystery is now available in print, from the Samhain site and just about everywhere else!

When Jonty Stewart and Orlando Coppersmith witness the suspicious death of a young man at the White City exhibition in London, they’re keen to investigate—especially after the cause of death proves to be murder. But police Inspector Redknapp refuses to let them help, even after they stumble onto clues to the dead man’s identity.

Orlando’s own identity becomes the subject for speculation when, while mourning the death of his beloved grandmother, he learns that she kept secrets about her past. Desperate to discover the truth about his family, Orlando departs suddenly on a solo quest to track down his roots, leaving Jonty distraught.

While Jonty frantically tries to locate his lover, Orlando wonders if he’ll be able to find his real family before he goes mad. After uncovering more leads to the White City case, they must decide whether to risk further involvement. Because if either of them dares try to solve the murder, Inspector Redknapp could expose their illicit—and illegal—love affair.


“Hard work, was it?” Orlando was sitting on the fireside chair with a book perched on his knees when his lover slipped through the door en route to bed.

“Just a little.” Jonty drooped into the seat opposite and undid his shoes. “What’s that you’re reading?”


“I always said you live for nothing but pleasure.” Jonty leaned back in the chair with a sigh. “Poor Ralph. Seems pretty hopeless.”
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The sixth Cambridge Fellows book is now in print, from MBAM and all the usual stockists.


The suspected murder of the king’s ex-mistress is Cambridge dons Orlando Coppersmith and Jonty Stewart’s most prestigious case yet. And the most challenging, since clues are as hard to come by as the killer’s possible motive.

At the hotel where the body was found, Orlando goes undercover as a professional dancing partner while Jonty checks in as a guest. It helps the investigation, but it also means limiting their communication to glances across the dance floor. It’s sheer agony.

A series of anonymous letters warns the sleuths they’ll be sorry if they don’t drop the investigation. When another murder follows, Jonty is convinced their involvement might have caused the victim’s death. Yet they can’t stop, for this second killing brings to light a wealth of hidden secrets.

For Orlando, the letters pose a more personal threat. He worries that someone will blow his cover and discover their own deepest secret… The intimate relationship he enjoys with Jonty could not only get them thrown out of Cambridge, but arrested for indecency.

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Just been blogging at Flirty author bitches about the joys of travel and such important things as which airlines make the best sandwiches and which trains have the best buskers.

The squee bit is about Lessons in Secuction, which is at present number 1 in the Books > Fiction > Gay & Lesbian > Gay category on Amazon UK, even though it's not out for a fortnight. Coo.
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Cambridge Fellows Book five is now available from MBAM and all the usual places.

For friends and lovers Orlando Coppersmith and Jonty Stewart, a visit to Bath starts out full of promise. While Orlando assesses the value of some old manuscripts, Jonty plans to finish his book of sonnets. Nothing exciting…until they are asked to investigate the mysterious death of a prostitute.

Then Orlando discovers that the famous curse of Macbeth extends far beyond the stage. It’s bad enough that Jonty gets drawn into a local theatre’s rehearsals of the play. The producer is none other than Jimmy Harding, a friend from Jonty’s university days who clearly finds his old pal irresistible. Worse, Jimmy makes sure Orlando knows it, posing the greatest threat so far to their happiness.

With Jonty involved in the play, Orlando must do his sleuthing alone. Meanwhile, Jonty finds himself sorely tempted by Jimmy’s undeniable allure. Even if Orlando solves the murder, his only reward could be burying his and Jonty’s love in an early grave…

Here's a wee snippet:

“I’ve never had that pleasure.” Jimmy waited for Orlando to settle before he sat down. Jonty wondered if he were deliberately trying to unsettle him.

“Now there’s a woman who might well accost you physically, as some of her unwanted suitors might attest.” Nerves made Jonty’s tongue run on. “Or people she has affection for. She whacked Orlando just a week ago, for nothing worse than scientific experimentation.”

“Then I hope she’ll do me the honour of a clip around the ear. You’re a lucky man, Orlando.” If Jimmy hadn’t realised what effect his words were having on Coppersmith, Jonty had. Embarrassment and anger were fighting for mastery on Orlando’s face and in his voice.

Jonty changed the subject to transatlantic travel and the meal went as well as might have been expected, for a while. Orlando tried to remember his manners and not be too antagonistic to Jimmy, as Jonty would no doubt get the hump if he made it too clear he wanted to punch the man. At least he could contribute to a discussion on the virtues of the great liners, and modern transport in general, rather than being made to feel an idiot when they talked about the Bard.

By the time they reached the port and coffee, which they chose to take in the lounge, a superficial degree of mellowness existed among the company, although volcanic emotions still seethed in Orlando’s breast.

Fate intervened in the form of an old suitor of Mrs. Stewart’s who spotted Jonty, cut him out from his friends, then took him off for a chat regarding the latest doings of the fragrant Helena, which unfortunately left the other two alone.

“You seem very self-assured, Mr. Harding.” Orlando had been waiting for his moment to confront this man. With Jonty temporarily occupied, and his spirits emboldened by the wine, he seized the moment.

“I usually feel confident, Dr. Coppersmith. I’ve been lucky enough in my life to do many things which people have said weren’t possible. I rise to a challenge, you might say.” Jimmy raised his glass and stared through it, admiring the gentle red colour. “And when I want to do something, I make a point of seeing that I’m successful. I guess that success breeds self-belief.”

Cocky swine. Orlando gave the man an icy stare. “Do you achieve everything you want? Doesn’t that make life fairly lacklustre?”

“On the contrary, it makes my life a constant delight. And yes, I do tend to get what I want, especially if I want it a lot.” He cast his gaze around the dining room, as if looking for something he might take a shine to, let his glance alight on Jonty, linger and then sweep on.

Orlando swallowed hard. There had been an edge to what the man said that chilled him—despite everything that Jonty had averred the day before, he still didn’t trust the American as far as he could throw him. Jonty might well be innocent of any untoward interaction with the man, both back in his University College days and now, but he couldn’t think the same of Jimmy. “I can’t believe you get everything you want.” Orlando snorted, trying to add emphasis, and worried that he just sounded ridiculous.

“Want me to prove it to you?” Jimmy’s gimlet gaze, blue eyes piercing into Orlando’s, suggested he was throwing down the gauntlet. “I think we both know what I want. Let’s see if I can get it.”
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Book four in the Cambridge Fellows series has been unleashed. You can find it here and all the usual sources.

Cambridge, 1907

After settling in their new home, Cambridge dons Orlando Coppersmith and Jonty Stewart are looking forward to nothing more exciting than teaching their students and playing rugby. Their plans change when a friend asks their help to clear an old flame who stands accused of murder.

Doing the right thing means Jonty and Orlando must leave the sheltering walls of St. Bride’s to enter a labyrinth of suspects and suspicions, lies and anguish.

Their investigation raises ghosts from Jonty’s past when the murder victim turns out to be one of the men who sexually abused him at school. The trauma forces Jonty to withdraw behind a wall of painful memories. And Orlando fears he may forever lose the intimacy of his best friend and lover.

When another one of Jonty’s abusers is found dead, police suspicion falls on the Cambridge fellows themselves. Finding this murderer becomes a race to solve the crime…before it destroys Jonty’s fragile state of mind.

Here's a snippet
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With many thanks to the lovely [ profile] tomatoe18 who's doing a cracking job to further the cause of gay romance in Indonesia.

I spy Jonty and Orlando (and lots of other good things, like 'I Do').

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Available here and all the usual places.

Orlando loses his memory, the lads get given a case upon which the honour of the college stands and - in this scene - Jonty makes the mistake of letting on a bit too much a bit too quickly...

The room was hot, Orlando having stoked the fire up, so Jonty stripped off his jacket and tie and rolled up his sleeves. He wore a fine pair of dun-coloured braces, articles which brought bittersweet memories. He and Orlando had often, on their return from holiday, played a game in which they tried to ping the other’s braces in public without anyone else noticing. Such satisfaction it had given, not just from the wonderful thwack which the elastic made when it was released, but from the little sting of pain that it would provoke in the man who’d been caught. There were no such games now.
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It's here at My Book Store and More and all the usual outlets. Revised and expanded from Linden Bay version, although not from Samhain e-book.

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Seems we're getting there slowly with Amazon UK and Lessons in Love.

So sorry to read about my beloved Andy Ripley. One of my first rugby crushes - I still have his autograph from his Rosslyn Park days.
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The buy link is up at MBAM and it's already on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.

Here's a snippet:

Orlando knew that he shouldn’t have come to watch the rugby. He should have gone to the dentist and had his teeth pulled out, it would have been less painful.
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