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Jonty and Orlando remind me a little (sometimes a lot) of Nick and Nora Charles from Dashiell Hammet's The Thin Man, they possess similar passion for each other, for life, and definitely appreciate a good mystery.

High praise indeed! Read more at Padme's library.
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"I know it sounds incongruous for murder mystery, but it’s a funny story. The storyline is smooth and evenly paced. The mystery part is well plotted out and characters were surprisingly vivid for such a short appearance."

Read more at Gay Book Reviews.
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And it's a 4.5 star one. "After all these stories, it feels like walking into the drawing room again and seeing old friends. What a joy."

Read more at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words
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One of my girls gave me a copy of Weird World War One for my birthday. Smashing little book, full of "Well, I'm blowed" moments.

Also, if I can have a little WWI indulgence, Awfully Glad got a smashing little review at Monday's Quick m/m bites.

"This short historical is just perfectly pitched to my somewhat picky ear."
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It is the well written, well thought out, no stone left unturned storyline that leaves you satisfied in the end. I highly recommend this book!

Read more at The Novel Approach.
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"This was my first book by this author and it was very good."

See more at Inked Rainbow Reads.
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Over at Padme's Library.

"Even after 15 years together they still manage to excite, intrigue, romance, and infuriate each other and the reader."

My work is done!
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From Just Love Book Reviews:

"This was mystery writing at its finest,..."
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"In summary, this easy-paced mystery was utterly engaging and left me eager for the next instalment. I would recommend this book/series to those who enjoy m/m historical mysteries or romantic suspense."

Read more at The Delighted Reader.
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"and I especially loved the delicately written sex scenes, which read more like a holy experience rather than being flat-out smutty."

Read more at Shihtzu Book Reviews.
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How does she do it? How does Charlie Cochrane’s mind come up with this stuff? Just when you think you might have it all figured out… That would be a no. I love it!

Read more at "The Novel Approach".
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In which Hallowed Ground got a 5 star rating. "I loved the character voice of the doctor in this story".

Read more here.
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It’s one part Sherlock Holmes, one part Poirot, and one part romance. The mystery is really what drives the plot, but the setting and characters really bring it to life.

Thanks you, Convergence Book Reviews!
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"Quite often the blurb for a book exaggerates, or offers a promise that the words inside simply do not deliver. I am pleased to say that, in the case of A Pride of Poppies, the stories within do much, much more." Read the rest of the review here.
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"I highly recommend this book and will buy and read the next in the series to see what mystery the author has for us next."

Read more at The Novel Approach reviews.
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The Blogger girls found it to be a story that had me intrigued and eager to see how things would get resolved. They found it a tad too British - they should have seen the mss before edits!
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As promised, here's the link to the full review of Best Corpse from the Mystery People e-zine. "This is an intriguing murder mystery, with an abundance of eccentric characters and an even larger number of red herrings. "

And if you haven't seen this, you should.

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Top of my Christmas list is the Rugby for Heroes 2015 calendar. That picture of George Ford is haunting.

Nice review in the Mystery People e-zine for Best Corpse. Will post a link when it's on the site, but in the interim:

This is an intriguing murder mystery, with an abundance of eccentric characters and an even larger number of red herrings. Adam and Robin are likeable characters and their relationship is skilfully portrayed. I very much hope this is the first in a new series. I enjoyed this book and would thoroughly recommend it.
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If you've missed any, (or more likely I've missed some!) they can all be found at the Riptide site. Don't forget to enter to win.

Some highlights: Being reviewed by the lovely Josie at Prism Book Alliance. "Charlie Cochrane has a way with words that never fails to hit the spot, and she always leaves me wondering about the characters long after I’ve finished the story."

Featuring at Words of Wisdom where it was rated as an "intensely emotional read".

And look what I nicked off the lovely Macky!

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And the blog tour has begun! I'm all over the place like a well behaved rash, bearing gifts (book from the backlist or a bag of seaside goodies). Comment at any of the stops or enter the rafflecopter (linked from the posts) for a chance to win.

For starters you could find out what my favourite quote is, over at 3 chicks after dark. Maybe you might drop into Book reviews and more. Or you could find out why Dirty girls books thought Second Helpings is 'Just the kind of book I love to sink into!'


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