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When we had the planning meeting for UK Meet 2018, I had concerns that we'd peaked. We sold out in 24 hours for the 2016 event and what with the two year gap - and other events cropping up - I was worried that our numbers would go down and suggested we plan around that eventuality.
Was I right? Was I fairy cakes. Yesterday we sold out in 6 hours 30 minutes, and that would have been a shorter time if the mailshot hadn't arsed about. I feel so sorry for people who didn't get a ticket and had to go on the mailing list, but demand is now hugely outstripping supply.
Roll on 2020?
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News will be coming out later today about UK Meet 2018 - if you want to keep up to date, please sign up for our newsletter as we'll have several key mailings over the next couple of months.

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